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Is there any Robot IQ Option?

There are always a lot of people looking for a Binary Options Robot for IQ Option.

In fact, the origin of Trading Robots began in the early 2000s in the Forex market.

In 2001 a Russian Software company, Metaquotes, launched an online trading platform for the Forex market.

The success was such that today, over 90% of Forex brokers use this platform.

And the company is today a giant in the world of online trading.

This platform, named Metatrader4 or MT4, quickly took over the market.

One of the characteristics of MT4 is that it allows the use of Robots.

This is how the Robots began to appear in the markets.

Since 2004 Forex Robots have been appearing, and nowadays, over 70% of Forex trading is automatic, ie via Forex Robots.

MT4 Platform from Metaquotes

mt4 platform

Robot IQ Option: What is it?

But what are Robots in reality?

A Robot is a software that is linked to a platform or within the broker’s own platform and operates automatically.

This software has access to the account and account balance and the market.

With this data, account balance and market, he analyzes the market and puts the operations himself.

Basically it does everything we do, but automatically, without having to do anything.

Some robots work even if the platform and computer are turned off.

Others only trade if we have the platform open on the computer.

Robots can’t trade on a cellphone, they need a computer where they are installed.

Only if it is a Robot that works directly on the platform or is connected by API to external software, it is not necessary to have it installed on our computer.

IQ Option Robot: The First Binary Options Robots

When Binary Options first appeared in 2008, it was not surprising that the market quickly started asking for Robots, as it was something common to see in the Forex market.

The first Binary Robots appeared around 2012, which is when this market really started to grow and spread all over the world.

Since Binary Options platforms are simpler and less complex than MT4 for Forex, they could not install a Robot inside them.

The option was to create Robots in separate programs that later linked via API to brokerage platforms.

This situation was simply because, until the appearance of IQ Option, all brokerages used a common platform.

This platform was called SpotOption.

As SpotOption powered almost all Binary Options brokers at the time, it was attractive to create Robots that attached to it and allowed for automatic trading.

Between 2012 and 2014 there was a lot of Binary Options Robots working on the platforms of the brokers that used SpotOption.

As usual, most of them didn’t work well, just as it took several years for MT4 Forex Robots to start getting results.

So they were appearing and disappearing at almost the same speed.

Robot IQ Option: The Appearance of IQ Option

The appearance of IQ Option in 2013 was a turning point in Binary Options.

The big difference from IQ Option to existing Binary Options brokers was its platform.

Unlike all others that used SpotOption, a somewhat rudimentary platform, IQ Option came up with a platform of its own.

This platform that was developed by IQ Option itself was much better!

It was a much fuller platform, but at the same time lighter.

But functional, prettier and simpler to understand.

Soon the brokerage firm became a success, surpassing all competitors.

But there was one catch.

There was no way to use robots in IQ Option.

First, because the brokerage company did not allow external software to access its platform.

And because there was no API that would connect with your platform.

Even so, the platform was so good that people preferred to use it even without Robots.

Robot IQ Option: IQ Robots

With its popularity increasing, so has customer demand for a Robot IQ Option.

In 2017, the brokerage firm accepts the customer request and creates a way to enable a Robot IQ Option.

This program was called IQ Robots.

Basically the broker created a program that allowed the trader to program his own Robot IQ Option within the platform.

It was a different way because it made one know:

  1. Develop your own trading strategy
  2. Have the technical expertise to automate your trading strategy.
  3. Understand the operation of these IQ Robots
  4. Had time to program a Robot IQ Option


I confess that I tried to make a Robot IQ Option and never got it.

I have a lot of strategies for IQ Option, some quite simple to put into practice, but coding with IQ Option was impossible.

Robot authoring software was really complicated.

Complicated and totally different from what I was used to, for example with Forex MT4.

Even those who managed to program a Robot IQ Option with IQ Robots were unsuccessful.

This is because we could use someone else’s Robot IQ Option.

But the form of the program was so complicated that it was almost impossible to put into practice the ideas we had in mind.

This was probably the reason why IQ Robots failed.

Robot IQ Option: the end of IQ Robots

A little over a year later, IQ Option left IQ Robots.

One of the reasons that was alleged at the time was changes to CySEC’s Binary Options Regulation.

I remember that IQ Option has always been regulated by this European regulator.

And it is true that in 2018 important changes were made.

Especially as in 2018, after these changes, many brokerages eventually closed because they could not meet the new requirements that this regulator was obliging.

However, I am of the opinion that the abandonment of IQ Robots was also due to the way it was developed.

The complication of programming almost required us to be computer programmers.

Many, like me, who even have some programming skills, could not make a Robot IQ Option.

I imagine that for a beginner at IQ Option, it was an almost impossible task.

2018 marked the end of the possibility of using a Robot IQ Option.

Robot IQ Option: Today

Nowadays the broker is clear.

It does not authorize the use of automatic trading software.

Even those looking to use some kind of software that runs on their own computer and accesses their account without being on the IQ Option platform will eventually be discovered and their accounts blocked.

I know of people who used these programs and IQ Option has blocked their accounts and their money.

The brokerage firm when doing so uses CySEC as an explanation for not allowing another entity to enter a trader’s personal account and trade on his or her behalf.

Conclusion: You are not allowed to use any Robot IQ Option and if you decide to risk using the software, be aware that you are going against company rules and that if found out (probably will be) you will have your account locked out.

Robot IQ Option: Alternatives

But not being able to have a Robot IQ Option, is there any alternative?

Yes, there is an alternative.

IQ Option signals.

The IQ Option signals in practice is also a Robot IQ Option, but with a big difference.

It does not enter your account and does not operate for you.

It gives you the instructions of which operation to open, but it is you who goes into your IQ Option platform and places the operation.

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iqoption signals

IQ Option Signals vs Robot IQ Option:



  1. It is software that is programmed to analyze the market.
  2. Have a strategy, like a Robot
  3. Does all the work: analysis and operation
  4. It works 24 hours a day


  1. Instead of logging in to your account and posting it to the transaction, it sends by app or email all the information you need to do: what asset, when you log in, how long it expires
  2. It’s up to you to decide if you want to place
  3. It doesn’t tell you what value to trade, it’s up to you how much you want to bet

These are the differences that make signals allowed and a Robot IQ Option not.

With IQ Option Signals, you have the freedom to choose whether or not to place the trade and how much you want to put value in that trade.

With a Robot IQ Option, as long as it was turned on it would put the operations it wanted and the value it was determined for.

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